If you know nothing about MOO3 and want to get a start, you are in the right place. Welcome to the Official Master of Orion III Frequently Asked Questions. This FAQ has been maintained for about two years now. It has passed through many hands and has finally found it's last home here, where it will probably live a quiet life and then silently slip away into history when MOO3 is finally released. Until then, this is a good place to be for answers.

One final word of caution: This FAQ has undergone various incarnations over the years, and has most recently been nipped and tucked to hide away the vestiges of the pre-apocalypse (April 1st, 2002) version of MOO3. However, since this FAQ is official but not officially maintained, the people who work(ed) on it are not entitled to the current design specs of the game. Some of the information contained herein may be slightly misleading, but the overall information is reasonably up to date.

That said, please enjoy browsing the MOO3 FAQ.

[ A note to MOO3 veterans: ]
The FAQ used to be seperated by catagory. It still is, but it has been mushed together onto one page to reduce bandwidth usage and viewer annoyance.

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