Master of Orion 3 SaveGame Editor

Current Version - 0.51

Written and designed by Bhruic

Download the latest version of the savegame editor here.

Version History:


*Fixed multiple bugs where adding new data caused file pointers to be invalid.
*Fixed memory leak in Planet editor.
*Fixed bug where changing a region's ecosystem would revert back after pressing 'Turn'.
*Changed Regional Editor to display the base ecosystem value instead of modified (as part of above fix).
*Added error checking for the presence of files from Edit->Settings menu.
*Fixed starlane adding so that new starlanes are handled properly.
*Fixed explored toggle to properly update starlane visibility.
*ARight clicking on a system will now properly "select" that system.
*Further decoded the ship files, fixing problems setting system/warp speed, armour value and ship capacity.
*Fixed bug where editing a starlane from an earlier system (in the list) to a later system (in the list) would cause a crash in-game.
*Added an option to explore all starlanes.
*Fixed bug where deleting a ship component would not reduce the cost/used space.
*Added display for ship cost and capacity to the Ship Editor.


*Added filter to remove obsolete ships from the shiplist.
*Added ability to toggle a system connection between starlane and wormhole.
*Added menu function to explore the full galaxy.
*Added menu function to remove all wormholes from the galaxy.
*Moved the "flatten galaxy" feature to the menu.
*Added progress bars to functions that take time to complete so it's obvious something is happening.
*Added sort feature to the "System List" window - currently sorts alphabetically.
*Added basic Planet editing features.
*Added basic Region editing features.
*Added "Save As" option to facilitate file renaming.
*Fixed "explored" setting to properly handle starlanes.
*Moved Player editing to separate window.
*Added ability to change game settings - victory conditions/difficulty level/combat & turn timers.
*Added Race editing.
*Fixed renaming Systems.
*Fixed memory leak(s).
*Rearranged Galaxy Editor dialog.
*Fixed problem with reading registry key.
*Fixed error caused by translating negative numbers less than 1.
*Added "owner" list to planet table to make it easier to figure out what planets are colonized.
*Fixed various "Starlane" issues.
*Added current starlanes to Starlane list.
*Added sort feature to "Starlane Connection" list - currently sorts alphabetically.
*Fixed crash on "Antaran X" special (unused in "Specials.txt" by default).
*Added ability to change empire names.
*Added ability to edit regions "globally".
*Fixed crash triggered by adding missiles/fighters.


*Added the ability to add/subtract components.
*Added galaxy display, lists all systems and their explored status.
*Added the ability to edit system names and locations.
*Bugfixes galore.
*Converted to new savegame format (yay patch!).
*Added the ability to select the file to use for information (ie, either get the text from the .mob file, or read the text file directly).
*Added the ability to edit/add starlanes.


*Two colours were out of order, switched them to reflect game.
*Added base Ship Editting features.


*Should read in most, if not all save games.
*Changed colour box from numbers to actual colours.


*First "release" version.

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