Space Empires V released on October 17th 2006. Written by the same development group as the first four games in the series, this latest version was published by Strategy First, so for the first time in the series history it has a storefront presence as well as online ordering.

Unfortunately the original release of the game was very bug ridden. Aaron Hall deserves strong credit for slavish efforts to quash the bugs in the game quickly, and he has accomplished a herculean amount of progress in only two months, but unfortunately the buggy initial release will probably be what many reviewers looked at and few will be likely to return to re-examine the improved later versions.


The Orion Sector staff has been held up on completing our review of Space Empires V, but it is finally completed. We were able to wait long enough to use primarily version 1.13 and partially 1.17 to compose our review, which will mean we may be the one of the last to release but hopefully we will also be one of the most accurate with respect to the current version of the game. You may find the Orion Sector Review of Space Empires V here.

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