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3.03.05 - Malfador has released a new patch for SEIV Deluxe, available here.

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"The next level in strategy gaming, Space Empires IV Gold, allows you to take up that challenge in an epic intergalactic 4X strategy game that will keep you glued to your seat for hours (possibly days if you don't have to put up with a spouse or job). Possibly the deepest game of its kind--at least until another title in the series arrives on the scene-Space Empires IV Gold is the type of strategy game that is associated with the "just one more turn and I'll go to bed" syndrome, a syndrome that is actually much sought after but rarely acquired.

Space Empires IV Gold enjoys both numerous awards from the media and a strong following amongst fans. It's also thanks to these fans that Space Empires IV Gold is almost a living, breathing entity, as mod-makers around the world continue to add to the game. With literally hundreds upon hundreds of mods available you'll always find something new to try."

-Shrapnel Games

The Space Empires series got its start way back in 1993. Since then, each new iteration of the series has shown a marked improvement and gained an increase in popularity. The latest released version is Space Empires IV Gold, which was released in 2002.


Several other folks have reviewed SE IV before now, but we wanted to add our own two cents. SE IV is currently the 'game to beat' and we felt it deserved a full writeup, even this close to the release of SE V. See our Orion Sector Review for more information.

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Space Empires IV has achieved the type of longevity that most developers dream of. By making the game resources easily accessible with any text editor, Malfador Machinations has inspired a strong mod community that has kept the game alive and active all this time.

You can find a large collection of mods as well as various races and shipsets over at spaceempires.net. Malfador Machinations also maintains a comprehensive list of all mods submitted to them here. What follows is just a few of the more popular mods available for Space Empires IV.

The Proportions mod contains numerous changes to make the scale of the game more realistic. Many of these changes are geared towards making colony development slower and more expensive, while at the same time allowing planets to individually become much more valuable to your empire. Other changes include additional mount types, numerous changes to engines, and many additional components and research paths. This mod has been carefully balanced over its lifetime, which makes it great for multiplayer games.

The Adamant mod divides races into three different types each with their own tech trees to research. It also makes numerous changes to how the game plays, such as changing the shields and armor so that they are 'leaky'. This mod also features an attempt to model ship movement based on quasi-newtonian physics.

The Devnull mod is really an amalgamation of other mods. It includes a number of different races and shipsets, most of which feature AIs better than the standard ones provided for the game. It also adds numerous new components, buildings, and several new ship sizes and galaxy quadrants.

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