Master of Orion II
Ship Design Archive

Orion Defeater
11 Heavy Plasmas, Battle Pods, Structural Analyzer, Tritanium Armor (minimum), No Shield, Reinforced Hull, Megafluxers (for an additional 3 or 4 cannons)

equip 3 battleships (all ya need) with the above specs and head for orion w/ a colony ship (or a jump-off point nearby if you want to save before the fight, and put your best leader on one of them). in the fight, the guardian will target one ship (possibly the leader - especially one with Galactic Lore (Karg, Kronos, etc.)). after the guardian makes it's move, move in point-blank and fire your 11+ heavy Plasmas at it, and watch it's shields vanish. if the first ship doesn't make it "go boom" (warp core breach - blue explosion), the second ship will. the plasma torps of the Guardian won't even move an inch, and you keep the ship it targeted (unless it scored a warp core breach)

Submitted By: ^Froggie

Antaran Conquerer
Time Warp Facilitator, Phasing Cloak. The rest is trivial.

This is an (almost) invincible ship to be used in the endgame. With a time warp facilitator, your ship gets two turns in a row, then the enemy goes. For your first turn, fire whatever you have equipped against the enemy. Now, you have a second turn before the enemy takes its turn due to the time warp facilitator. Do nothing in this turn. At the end of your second turn, the phasing cloak will engage, leaving you undetectable to the enemy. The enemy takes its turn, but can do nothing because it can't see your ship. Next turn, do the same thing. Fire first turn, sit and cloak second turn. Repeat as necessary. With this, the Antaran Homeworld can be defeated with just one ship (trust me, I have).

Submitted By: SuperNerd

One Ship Wonder
4 individual stellar converters5 tractor beamsDamper FieldTime Warp FacilitatorAchilles Targetting UnitStructural Analyzer

This is basicly one of those ships that can kill just about any armada if paired up. The Stellar Converters kill Doomstars basicly with one shot because of the Achilles Targetting Unit and Structural Analyzer. And the Time Warp Facilitator gives u basicly the opportunity to kill 8 Doomstars. The tractor beam is for when you get in close u can immobilize one of their titans or battleships and board it and capture it. You can send these ships in groups of 1 and pretty much annhilate ur enemies colonies. 2-4 will pretty much take out their whole fleet. I had been beaten down to just one colony and made one of these and it made me turn the tide of the war completely.

Submitted By: jvusmc@aol.com

Monster Killer
Battle Pods + Nuclear Missile MIRV version

The best way to clear out monsters early on, is to build 5 or 6 small cruisers packed with nuclear-missiles. Oh, this ship is also quite good to use when defending against attacking forces.

Submitted By: Rincewind

Big Empire Killer
Usually Hvy Maulers (F), Maulers (Fx), as many as you can put on, with all modifications, xentronium armor, the best comp. and engines, then augmented engines, battle pods, damper field, achilles targetting unit, hiper-X capacitor, heavy armor, structural analyser/auto repair, inertial stabiliser

It's used late in the game, when enemies have more than half of the galaxy, esp. useful against a creative race (Psilon). Augmented engines and inertial stabilisers make sure it doesn't get hit, battle pods are almost self-explanatory, achilles targetting unit and structural analyser make sure you kill ships with few shots, hyper x capacitor gives you double firepower and heavy armor is used because you have no shields... If you are more on the defensive or not a cybernetic, use auto repair instead of the structural analyser

Submitted By: domen.gostincar@guest.arnes.si

Boarding Ship
Tractor beams, Assault Shuttles, Neutron Blaster/Death Ray, Battle Pods, Transporters, Troop Pods, Cloaking Device, Warp Dissipator

I capture so many ships with this design it's not even funny. Early in the game you wont have the transporters or cloaking device so add these as you reaserch them. Otherwise send this ship into battle with escorts to help defend these Bording ships, because these ships doesn't have any weapons other then the Neutron Blaster/Death Ray. Also use small corvetts with augmented engines, cloaking device, and Stasis Field to help incapacitate the enemy ships. This makes it real easy for the bording ships to capture them. **Important Note** If you have any space left after you fill the ship with the required equipment use the rest of the space up with things that will help these ships hang in a fire-fight a little longer like Auto-Repair, reinforced hull, heavy armor etc.

Submitted By: evmiller@hotmail.com

MajinX' s Doom Star
No shields, Xentronium Armor, Battle Pods and 9 Stellar Converter all in one!!

This ship is a terrific attaccker but have low defense. Max Damage: 14000 DAMAGE POINTS!!!

Submitted By: MajinX

Good things come in small packages...
Research up to Pollution Processor to get the mods on nuclear missiles. Then build a Destroyer with Battle Pods, no shields (don't bother with a computer, either, if you want to save the BCs), and 4 individual (makes them harder to shoot down, and you can split your targets if necessary), 2-shot, Fast, Armoured, ECCM'd, MIRVed nukes. You should have just enough room. And later on in the game, try adding Fast Missile Racks.

Early on, this can cream pretty much any ship one-on-one. Two will eliminate a star base with one shot each, or clear out any troublesome ground emplacements. Fire from the starting position and then turn around. Next turn, fire again and flee to the edge of the map, and wait for the missiles to land. Best used in groups of 3 or more. How many other early game ship designs are there that can dish out hundreds of points of damage each?

Submitted By: Disembodied

Narc Destroyer
99 stellar converters in each slot. If you get 600 adv tech in every field you can achieve this. It also has every special system possible(ie it doesnt have internal ecm jammer and multi-wave ecm, but has wide area ecm). If you cheat a lot with a ship editor you can achieve this effect, i suggest using corion.

If you dont know how to use this ship you shouldnt be playing moo 2.

Submitted By: KlngArthur@hotmail.com

Nasty Nasty Ship
Phasors-autofire+continuos+sheild piercing, Battle Scanner, Achillies Targeting Unit, Structual Analyser, and the best computer you got(posatronic or better). The rest is up to you

Why Phasors? Shield piercing. Besides not having to cut through sheilds it ignores that pescy (-1 to -10) damage ,depending on their class ,that all shields produce. True, hard sheilds can prevent this, but the computer never uses it and its still pretty nasty. In addition the Achillies targeting unit also makes it armor piercing regardless of heavy armor. one of my battle ships could take out about four to six of theirs which had adamentium armor. with about 25 phasors it did about 3000 damage every turn. these babys can be made mid game as well

Submitted By: The Master of Orion

Destructor X
5 particle beams, 5 death rays, 10 heavy disruptors, 10 360-arc disruptors, 5 disruptors, 5 plasma cannons; Achilles Targetting, Auto Repair, Battle Pod, Damper Field, High Energy Focus, Reflection Field, Structural Analyzer, Reinforced Hull, Xentronium Armor (800 armor, 2400 Structure)

This Titan kills everyone in seconds including Antarans. Can kill 2-3 Antaran titans in 1 turn. Regenerates every turn by 10%; 240 structure, 80 for armor. Damper field greatly reduces damages + reflection field reduces damages and fires it back. One of my best terror weapons. One or two can destroy an enemy's armada.

Submitted By: DnKr

The Little Surprise
Ion Cannon... or Emission Guided Missiles, mounted on a small Frigate

Most people dislike to use the Ion Cannon, or the Emission Guided Missile because they give such a bad space-damage ratio. But remember folks, they have the potential to hit the engine and thus score an instant kill, and that means that size does NOT matter.

The idea is to use the knowledge that your enemies, specialy human ones, go for large ships packed with plasma cannons and other deadly stuff. Instead of likewise creating an impressive doom star, go for a mass of small Frigates. Install Inertial Nullifiers or any other tech that makes your fleet so much harder to hit. If the enemy manages to take out one small frigate, so what. It was cheap and you have more.

So what is the result? The result is that your mass of small frigates have a very good chance to hit the engine core and make the enemy ship go "boom", while the impressive enemy has a hard time to hit your faster ships and if it do, it will be an overkill.

Submitted By: Rincewind

Midlevel Invincible
Auto-Repair, Hard Shields, Mass Driver...

This ship is only effective at the early and the middle stages of the game. Do not use it at the final battle. It is recomended that you play as a warlord and it also very much recomended that you are NOT a low-grav race.

The idea is to totaly discard weapon technology, for the sake of gaining important advantages in the other fields. The weapon field is one of the few tech-fields that you can live without.

When you research technology try to first get the mass driver, so that you have a good weapon. Then get heavy armor, battle pods and the Auto Repair Unit. Then try to increase your shields. If you are fast enough you can get a ship that is strong as hell, but not that savage. But it will be a true terror to all the other races because it can withstand their damage.

Submitted By: Rincewind

Late game ultimate beam ship.
Time warp facilitator, hyper-x capacitors, structural analyzer, achiles targeting unit, phase cloak

Even if you've got squat for weapons you can take the game with this. But assuming you aren't a moron, and can fit 90+ plasma cannons (or disruptors if you prefer) you can fire ALL of them up to THREE times at least once. And any fleet that can take 3x90+ plasma cannons DESERVES to fire back at you!
Or if you prefer, you can fire twice, and leave your time warped turn alone, and fade back into the darkness.
If anyone has a better beam weapon design than this, I wanna know.

Submitted By: Psilon Engineer

Doomstar: Invincible
Xentronium armor,
Specals: achilles targeting unit (ATU), battle pods, damper field (optional), phasing cloak, structural analyzer, time warp facilitator
Weapons, 2 individual stellar converters, and as many heavy mount plasma cannons as you can fit

This ship is made for late game strategies, as you can only get most of the techs later in the game, anyways. The ATU and the structural analyzer will greatly increase the power of the heavy mounted plasmas, which I think are the most powerful beam in the game, as you can get hundreds on a ship if miniturized enough. And at close ranges, because they're naturally enveloping, they do more damage, and the seem to have a high chance to destroy the drive, causing that really big explosion. The damper field if you have it will decrease the damage you take, especially against the Antarans, who have the reflecting fields. the time warp facilitator, working with the phasing cloak, will let you fire the first turn, then let you recloak on the second, making you for the most part, invincible. I used this ship to demolish most all of the enemy fleets, the orion gaurdian, and the antarans.

Submitted By: Wind

Hellfire (late game killer)
top of the line computer
battle scanner
achilles targeting unit
structural analyzer
high energy focus
Auto-fire Disruptors, as many as possible

just fire away! you punch through the shields, ignore the armor, and tear the heck out of the interior. The AI ship design cant deal with it. A doom star set up this way can kill 3, 4, or even 5 enemy doom stars in one volley.

Submitted By: sensoukami

Destroyer - Guardian Killer
Spec: Battle Pods, Wide-Area Jammer, Auto-Repair Unit, Reinforced Hull, Heavy Armor, Inertial Nullifier, Adamantium Armor, Any Computer
Weapon: Plasma Web(s)

This ship (destroyer), I think, is the smallest ship which can defeat Guardian.

Submitted By: Peter

Gimick Ship: Boarder
DoomStar Class
Equipment: battlepods, trooppods, ss-teleporter, augmented engines, and transporters
Weapons: 2or3 Hv Deathrays, 2-4 normal Deathrays, 2 Stasis fields (one in each of two slots), 5 tractor beams, 2 or 3 slots of as many assault shuttles as can be carried.

Its a late game vessel. You're either creative, or you have stolen all the tech you can from other races, PLUS taken Orion. Now we all know there are more than 4 techs that can't be researched and Orion gives you only 4. The only way to get the rest is to capture antaran ships and steal it through scrapping. Or maybe you just want to play with an opponent by stealing his stuff. :)

This is the best ship I've found for the job. The small amount of death rays ensures that the shields go down, and crew is killed off, but the ship is in tact. If you don't have transporters, the tractor beams will hold one ship steady while you pour fifty (FIFTY!) troops into the hull. Meanwhile assault shuttles can reach out for 3 more ships, and your stasis fields can paralyze two more until you're ready to take them too.

Submitted By: Psilon Engineer

Gimick Ship: Berzerking Skirmisher
Battleship or Titan class (i prefer battleship cuz they'll be cheaper)
Equipment: ss-teleporter, augmented engines, t-warp facilitator, phase cloak
Weapons: As many pulsars or spatial compressors as will fit. Spatial compressors do more damage, but don't reach as far... so I usually opt for the pulsar... plus with miniaturization you can fit more of them.

Whenever I'm fighting (read: TOYING) with the Klackons (assuming I've got over their early/mid game production advantage) I just wait for them to send one of their truly massive fleets at me so I can send in these babies.

The subspace teleporter and augmented engines will get you to the wedding on time, and then the pulsars / spatial compressors will create nice pockets of open space in his densely populated fleet. Oh yeah... and with the T-warp facilitator and phase cloak, you just fade into the night the same turn!

Submitted By: Psilon Engineer

Gimick Ship: Cement Head
Battleship or Titan class... or Doomstar if you like overkill
Equipment: Damper Field, Reflection Field, Energy Absorber, Automated Repair, Rienforced Hull, Inertial Nullifier
Weapons: whatever...

Ok... so by now you can make timewarping phase ships, but you want to rub it in their face. This ship will stubbornly stand ground without having to phase cloak.

So the energy absorber sucks up 1/4 of the damage straight off. Whatever is left is reduced by 3/4 by the damper field so you're looking at only 9/16 of the total damage actually doing anything. Part of this damage will then be reflected back to the origin. This all assumes that they can hit you with your +100 beam defence from the inertial nullifier. What pathetically small amounts of damage that struggle past your defences will be treated with tender loving care from your automated repair device.

The rienforced hull is just in case they send an exceptionally large fleet.

Submitted By: Psilon Engineer

Anything Destroyer
titan size ship
99 plasma cannons fx
91 plasma cannons fx*
achilles targeting unit
battle pods
battle scanner
high energy focus
hyper x capacitors
range master unit
structral analyzer
subspace teleporter
best shields, best armor

This ship requires to have learn most of the technologies. The second number of plasma cannons got a star because the number varies. You have to be at hyper VI for physics, power, computers, & shields to hold that number. This ship can take care of anything. You can destory the guardian or the antarans with just one. It's a big surprise for if the computer joins together through the election as one big race and attacks you. I have used it to destroy fleets 100 ships or larger.
Another thing you have to have the original Master of Orion 2 without any of the update patches.

Submitted By: DSEfird

Battleship or larger
1) Best shields
2) No computer (not needed)
3) Best Inertia modifiers/anti missile specials
4) Battle pods
5) Lots of fighter
6) [optional] some Bombers
7) [optional] some Heavy fighters
8) [optional] A cloaking device of some sort
9) [optional] auto repair and heavy armor

This is a great ship at any part of the game. Best used with some escort but not necisary. Awsome for backup against planets:

let your main force go in at the planet and keep
one or two carriers at the rear and launch
bombers. When the planet launches fighters and
missiles, use your fighters to take out the
enemy's squadrens and then launch 1 of your
remaining squads at the planets missiles each

Main Abilities:
- Picking enemy fighters and missiles off your
- Quickly assasinating small ships
- Keeping a hole in the enemy's shields
- Scaring the enemy into retreat
-> 90% of people I face turn and run when they
see a bunch of fighters heading their way!

Submitted By: Yethic

The One Ship Fleet
5 Steller Converters
11 Disrupters (heavey,360 fireing arch
Best sheild and armor/hull specials and types you can get. And Structral Anilizers, Achilles Targeting System and Battla pods, and any thing else you can fit into it.
Doomstar Hull

If you target the colony you are attaching first and fire on it you won't have to worry about that colony any more, terraformed world ready for colonization. Then target any star bases there and then finally destroy ships untill they retreat.
I managed to take over an entire galaxy (except my seven original systerms) with just one of these ships. I didn't even have to build troop transprots. If you fallow my strategies above you shouldn't have any problems.

Submitted By: Prometheus Of Delphi (Imperial 8)

Jolly Roger (early game)
One Heavy weapon to knock down shields. Neutron blasters. TRANSPORTERS. (Early game, Assault Shuttles.) Augmented engines. Troop Pods.

Fly in quick, knock down the shields of the enemy, neutron blast, transport. You are now the proud owner of another ship.

Submitted By: EvanMoore@aol.com

General Tactics for Ship Design
I like the following: Automated Repair Units, Best armor possible, Reinforce Structure (avoid Heavy Armor, most decent weapons ignore it), standard fusion beams with enveloping and continuous options are the *best* for destroying missiles and fighters.

Always go for heavy defensive capability with hard hitting offense.

Early game example: Heavy Graviton Beams, Automated Repair Unit, Reinforced Structure, Shield Capacitor, a few continuous fusion beams for defense (enveloping isn't available yet).

Make your ship *survivable*. For the telepathic races, your ships are also your troop transports, so they *must* survive.

Previous generation weapons with advancements are usually more powerful than recent advancements.

I personally avoid the Disrupter Cannon and the Mauler. I migrate directly from the Plasma Cannon to the Stellar Converter. (Of course, by the time I've I migrate to this weapon, I usually own 60% of the galaxy.)

If using the patch for MOO2, the Plasma Cannon and the Ion Cannon have their game unbalancing effects removed--but they still have certain advantages that Disruptors and Maulers will never get. Plasma Cannons have enveloping attacks (4X the damage listed). Ion Cannons, if they destroy the engines of a ship, will cause it to explode--sometimes one shot can do this. The Mauler and Disruptor have to chew through armor (or have extra "special equipment" added to avoid this).

In the same space you can put in a structural analyzer, you can install more weapons which usually offsets this advantage.

It's hard to define exactly what one must do because the designs of your enemy's ships, their tech, the variant races, etc. does alter the design that one should pursue.

Submitted By: EvanMoore@aol.com

phasors+shieldpiercing+autofire or disruptors+autofire
any weapon with autofire
maybe 1 stellar for planets
achilles targetting unit
high energy focus
hyper x capacitor
phasing cloak
structural analyzer
time warp facilitator
1free (inertial nullifier, rangemaster unit, or subspace tleporter)

This strategy would effectively render your ship invincible and at the same time make the damage potential of a phasor reach 36x more damage.

A. Fire twice
B. Don't fire the third time and cloak.
C. repeat steps A. and B.

I will expalin this. modifier
phasor autofire shield pierce 3x
achillies 2x
high energy focus 1.5x
hyperxcapacitor 2x
structural analyzer 2x
total damage mofifier 36x!!!

Submitted By: mastorione@home.com

sweet battle ship
gyro distablers as many as you can fit but youll never need more than 10 after that just add beams or missiles and fighters

as far as secial systems go you'll need battle pods heavy armor reinforced hulland either ecm jammer or inertial stabalizers depending on wether your enemy likes missiles or beams

this ship works great towards the begining and remains affective thru the rest of the game use it with missile frigates to destroy the ground forces and this ship will take care of the rest

Submitted By: traa_2001@hotmail.com

Another nasty surprise
Battle pods & missiles... lots of missiles... the mirv version...

This ship work best against other human players as they tend to go for heavy mounted guns and forget the need of close ranged defence... They will thus get a nasty shock when hundreds upon hundreds of missiles are zooming towards them.

The strategy is simple. Build a large fleet packed with missiles (2x). When you attack then remember to spread out so that a lucky engine shoot will not destroy a neighbour-ship, nor a cluster of missiles. Also, try to have different speed on your missiles to ensure that not the same thing happens when the enemy engine goes "boom".

Submitted By: Rincewind

Space Ghost
{essential} Phasing Cloak, Time Warp Facilitator {suggested} Black Hole Generator, any type of Bomb

This is, to my knowledge, the only un-beatable ship in the game. To use it, just uncloak and fire your black hole(s), then wait out you next turn (given by the TWF) to cloak again. The only difference between this and the similar ship suggested earlier is the BHG. Using this, you effectively make yourself impervious to tech such as Reflection shields and (I -think-) Quantum detinators. Bombs are suggested because BHG cannot be used against planets.

Submitted By: ismurfu@msn.com

Fire Dragon
Plasma Torpedos(lots of them, in groups of 3):no dissaptation, envaloping, eccm, overload; plasma cannons and structual analizer, high energy focus; powerful computer; reenforced hull, scanner, and phase cloak tech would help

You usually don't need a ship this advanced(2 hyper advanced levels after getting plasma torp), but it is as powerful you can get without cheesy. Enveloping plasma torps do 4X damage(no range dissapation helps a lot), and I've see a fleet of three of these ships take out antaries in one turn. Just fire 3 or 4 torps at each ship (the star fortress might take more) and watch the destruction.

Submitted By: cyberdragon151@hotmail.com

20 ion pulse cannons or more with HV 360 degrees.
10 or more continous plasma cannons 360 degrees / 10 or more PD phasors & autofire.
Battlepods ,damper field / heavy armor & reinforced hull ,structual analyzyser.
Shield and Armor of course the best at the moment.

Ion pulses are very effective when you have many of them together wtih Structual analyzyser.
Plasmas or phasors allow you to destroy some / all the missiles ,interceptors etc. enroute to your ship.
Of course you can add bonuses to this ship like time warp facilitor and sub space teleporter etc.
They give the ship even more power.

Submitted By: plate3@hotmail.com

Late game stelth destoryer
The best of every standard system is nesesary for this design. one of two metheds go here.

first- the eser of the two is to equip for system spesials battle pods multi-phased shileds, shiled capasitors,hyper X capasitor, high energy focus, time warp fraculator, and phasing cloak. this designe requires less space and is more easly achived.

second- battle pods always then the damper field, reflection feild, then the you can use the lighting feild or I repeat or the enegy absober followed by the hyper x capacitor, high energy focus, time warp fraculator, and then the phasing cloak.

for the wepons any combonation of disruptors, plasma canons, partical beams, and proton torpedos prove to be most efective whene all are used with full mods.

To be most efective in combat is to have at least three of these ships as a late game ship. When engaged in combat take your first turn moving in as close as possible then fireing all three ships training on one ship then neglect your second turn and stay put don't fire and you recloak and the enemy dose nothing and you repeat until the end of combat.

Submitted By: Dexter Doom

Cuttrer & Super carrier
This is a two ship team. They both use battle pods, time warp fraculator, and phasing cloak but cutter has high enrgy focus,hyper X capasitors,and hard sheilds, his weapon is at least three phasors 6-12 shots each at full mod.
Super Carrier has the battle pods, time warp fraculator, and phasing cloak but its' primary systems are agmented engines and sub space teleporter. the wepons are simple, any asortment of fighters, interseptors and hevy fighters are quite efective in ship to ship and planitary asult. For its own defence a single 3 shot death ray full mod is efective.

The most efichent use is to move in as close as possible attack hold and wait the second move that turn and recloak. Your objective shuold be to use cutter for ship to ship combat and super carrier for planitary asult since cutter can't shoot throgh a barrier shiled and as a mid game ship often runs into this problem.

Submitted By: Dexter Doom

The Plasmoid - Hypertech ship for dealing with late-game races
Stats: Latest armor, Best Shield, Best computer.
Specials: Battle Pods, Reinforced Hull, Time Warp Facilitator, Structural Analyzer, Achilless Targeting Unit, Auto-Repair, RangeMaster Unit, Subspace Teleporter.
Plasma Cannon (hv) - as many as fits the ship.
*Neutroneum bomb x20 if used against planets.

Best if used on Titan hull, in groups of 6-7 ships. Those babies can rampage through alsmot any kind of defensive fleet a computer would think of leaving at a colony. If used on Doomstars, well, you can call "winner" on the game, hehe... 5 Plasmoid Doomstars can take out a half-screen enemy fleet with a 30% chance of loosing 2 out of 5 ships.

Submitted By: Crazu Higer

The Plasmoid - Hypertech ship for dealing with late-game races
Stats: Latest armor, Best Shield, Best computer.
Specials: Battle Pods, Reinforced Hull, Time Warp Facilitator, Structural Analyzer, Achilless Targeting Unit, Auto-Repair, RangeMaster Unit, Subspace Teleporter.
Plasma Cannon (hv) - as many as fits the ship.
*Neutroneum bomb x20 if used against planets.

Best if used on Titan hull, in groups of 6-7 ships. Those babies can rampage through alsmot any kind of defensive fleet a computer would think of leaving at a colony. If used on Doomstars, well, you can call "winner" on the game, hehe... 5 Plasmoid Doomstars can take out a half-screen enemy fleet with a 30% chance of loosing 2 out of 5 ships.

Submitted By: Crazy Higer

Stinger (Mid-Game, late game ship)
This is a Destroyer or battle ship class.
Battle Pods, Best Armour, Best Computer, Time Warp Facilitator, Opt Shields or Reflection.
Load up as many Stellar Converters as possible

You can make a ton of these babies for next to nothing.

Obivous advantage is if you have 10-20 of these badboys; ships just up and die (Planets too) because their small they move faster.
Helps to have a few bigger ships to tank for them.
build a Titan class with all defencive stuff you can especially a Wide Area Jammer and you'll creamate fleets in quick meelees.

Submitted By: indomidable@hotmail.com

"The Tide has Turned"
Any class of ship - but utilizing a ratio of 1 plasma cannon to two disrutptors. Battle pods, Achilles targeting unit, best computer - at least positronic.

While some would dispute the value of the Disrupter - I have always found a higher kill ratio (single shot, core breach) with the disrupter. The added advantage of damaging systems, and missing armour completely are great two. Never lost with this combo.

Submitted By: dw_desjardins@hotmail.com

Planet Pounder
augmented engines, reinforced hull, battle pods (really important), good shields, no computer,
good armour and just a godawful amount of bombs

Although this design can be adapted for all tech-levels I generally build one of these quite early on,
when they are most useful.
Sometimes you attack a planet, everything is going fine, the enemy's defense-fleet is either destroyed
or yours, there's no more starbase and the only thing that's between you and the capital is a single
missile-base, so you decide to finish them off. You aim your weapons and open fire. Suddenly the entire
planet below lights up blue, and you see a small yellow 2 drifting over the surface, if you're lucky.
You keep firing, and so does the missile-base, the difference is that your beames have no effect, but
their missiles do. The only thing you can do is jump system, back away from victory over an unarmed
foe, just because they have shields.
Early in the game, most beam-weapons are kinda useless against planets protected by shields.
Your enemies can distort an entire war by erecting a single building.
As a counter I have designed this ship,
it's small (frigate/destroyer), it's fast, it doesn't cost anything.
It's designed to just swoop in after the main spaceborn defences are down and rip up the planet's
shields so that your main vessels can finish the job.
The main idea is to build a ship which is fast enough so that it can reach the surface with only a couple
of missiles in pursuit, it must also be easy to build, don't forget that this ship is going to be shot at,
be prepared to lose a few of them. You'll probably won't be needing more of these than two per
planetary assault-fleet, this way the enemy will have to either divide it's firepower or to let one ship
get past. Good engines and armour are really important, it must be able to run head-long into a missile
and still keep going. If you've got to sacrifice for space, sacrifice the computer, the shields and
some of the bombs.

Submitted By: Reptile

Late Game offensive (1 Ship Fleet)
Doomstar (For smaller classes adjust no of weapons)
Battle Pods
Damper Field
Achielles Targeting Unit
High Energy Focus
Structural Analyser
Hyper x Capacitors
Time Warp Facilitator
As many Fx Heavy Disruptors on Auto Fire (The more refinement in Physics - the better)

The best defence is simply to stop the enemy from being able to take a shot! With Hyper X and time warp you triple, the already tripled auto firing disruptors. One Ship can easily destroy a large fleet with all tech at end of game, the Antaran Homeworld - and to send it at the gaurdian would be an insult to it!
By the time you reach Adv Physics 5 or 6 - you can fit over 60 disruptors (which fire 3 times per shot - and you get three turns) thats 180 shots 3 times!

Submitted By: kevin@kwoodward18.fsnet.co.uk

U.S.S. Enterprise
SHIP CLASS: Battleship (Prefferably the one that looks like the U.S.S. Enterprise)
Weapons: Phasors (Continuous), Assault shuttles, Proton Torpedoes
Specials: Troop Pods, Multi-Wave Shields, Shield Capacitor, Transporters, Different types of scanners (Battle Scanner, Achilles Targeting Unit, etc...)

This is just a "fun" ship, designed to let gameplay be a little more fun for you, (And possibly other human opponents).

I don't know of any strategies to use this as, it's just supposed to be a recreation of the USS Enterprise off of Star Trek.

Just have fun!

Submitted By: Whasp_Commander

Kamakaze Swarm Bomber
Frigate - Quantum Detonator and Augmented engines

Make a bunch of these guys and send all of them into a battle. Surround an enemy ship with them and then order them to self destruct. Can do nice amounts of damage, cheap to make (if you have the tech), and just fun to play with.

Submitted By: www.bplatt.buyersonline.com

Low-Cost, Low-Tech Guardian-Killer!
Size: Titan
Shields: none
Computer: none
Armor: TRItatium (or better)
Drive: Fusion (or better)

Battle Pods
Reinforced Hull (but NOT heavy armor)
16 Gyro Destabilizers (requires 1 level of miniaturization)

This is an amazingly low-cost, low-tech way to beat the Guardian. You'll need TWO ships. On your first turn, don't move or do anything, because you won't be able to spin the guardian on the first turn. The Guardian will attack, but not destroy your ships. On your second turn, move your ships within firing range (don't run into the torpedo!) and spin the Guardian into oblivion! Congrads, your victory is guaranteed! You'll lose one of your ships, but with the Guardian gone, the Avenger at your service, Orion under your control, and 4 killer technologies in your pockets, all before anyone has passed the 1,250 RP mark, you won't need the ship anymore.

This should work most of the time, but Gyros do anywhere from 3 to 7 damage (per size class of the target ship), so you might get unlucky and almost, but not quite, kill the Guardian. Or sometimes the Guardian will get lucky and score a hit on one of your ships' engines and blow it up. If something like this happens, run away, build another ship or two, and try again.

This is by far the fastest, easiest way to beat the Guardian.

Submitted By: CyberBug

Low-Cost, Low-Tech Antaran-Killer
Size: Titan
Drive: Antimatter (required)
Computer: none
Armor/Shields: Either Xentronium Armor and no shields, or Zortrium Armor and Damper Field, depending on what Loknar gives you.

Specials: Battle Pods, Heavy Armor, Reinforced Hull, Augmented Engines.

Weapons: 15 Gyro Destabilizers (requires 3 levels of miniaturization)

For some reason, there's a mercenary who gives Dimensional Portal to the races that I conquer. This provides a way to attack Antares
without researching Dimensional Physics.

Basically, this is a heavily modified version of my Anti-Guardian ship. It's more high-tech in certain fields and requires that Loknar give either Damper Fields or Xentronium Armor, and you'll need 5 ships instead of 2, but it's the same idea: Cram a Titan hull with as many Gyros as you can, and give it enough defense to allow it to deal its damage at least once.

To defeat the Antarans, rush all your ships as close to the Harbinger as possible and destroy it on turn one. Then move your ships one square at a time until they're barely close enough to use their Gyros on the Star Fortress (to minimize damage from it), and spin it to death.

This is the most low-cost, low-tech way to defeat the Antarans - I guarantee it!

Submitted By: Cyberbug

Super Battleship
Achilles targeting unit, Structural Analizer, Megafluxers, Auto repair system, Reinforced hull, Inertial nulifier, Battle pods, Shield capacitors, multi-fazed shields, Hard shields. Once you've fitted all that you should put as many disrupters as posible with autofire.(make sure you have a mix between heavy and normal disrupters) You should have class 10 shields armor is'nt that important but i'd reccomend at least Neutronium armor.Positronic or above computer

Obviously you will be using this ship towards the end of the game. It's useful if you've played a game to the end and all the other races have teamed up against you because it is relatively cheap to produce with it only being a battleship. and by this time you should have had enough advances in weapons to be able to fit a large number of weapons resulting in quick kills of most ships.(i've actually managed to kill 15 ships in one turn with this ship). it also takes an awful lot of damage to destroy one since the shields regenerate 70% a turn plus the repair system. If your not worried about money you could incorporate it into a DoomStar for a truly unstopable vessel

Submitted By: anhaka

Nax Fighter
Keine Schilde
Panzerung Egal
XX SL,AF Disruptoren
Achilles Zielvorrichtung
Zeitsprung Aktuator

Zerstören ohne Gegenwehr.
Destroy with only one Ship EVERY Fleet/Planetdefense

Submitted By: myswiz@gmx.de

Nax Bomb

Zerstören von Versteckten Schiffen.
Destroy hidden Ships.
A huge Number needed.

Submitted By: myswiz@gmx.de

Xenotrounium armor, lighting shield, Stellar Converter x2 1 death ray

u need to have a lot of tech to make this ship but in like groups of 3 in can destory the antaran fleet and the antaran starbase and also the guardian very soon. just go in destory devastate and get out if you want more info on this ship e-mail me at Psilon-orion@juno.com good luck

Submitted By: AntaranKill

Efficient Guardian Killer
Fill it with heavy gravitons. Heavy armor, reinforced hull.

Orion blows up from graviton beams, because it hits straight to the structure. About 5-7 cruisers are enough to smash the bloody guardian, with early techonolgy. Then... death rays make death of your enemy.

Submitted By: djhydra@hotmail.com

Optimised Warship
Hv Plasma Cannon (As many you could equip)
Battle Pods, Battle scanner, Archilles Targeting Unit, Struktual Analyser, Rangemaster Unit, High Enegy Focus, Hyper-X, Timewarp Faciliator
at least perhaps the cybertronic Computer.
Shields not needed...
Hull as big as possible (doomestar:-)

With this ship is able to top all these "i have 8 Stellarconverter on a doomstar"-Class ships.
Because, plasmacannon are enveloping annyway, these wonderfull small weapons make quad damage with every shoot.
In fact within improvement in "physiks" the plasma cannon will become so small (one heavy for 5 space points) that you could put easiely about 120 or more in one Doomstar.
With this design you get the maximum damage possible out of your ships!
How to use these ships? In fakt they are invincible in fleetcombat! In one of it's three fire phases (hyper-X & Time-warp) it could easyly take out 25 High-tech Titans!
Only small problem. This ship could not crack down planatary defence if the enemy has a barrier Shild installed...
And perhaps, it could not win against one of these legandary "Star-Trek VI - cloaked firering ships" ;-))

Submitted By: Fidel-Smith@gmx.de

Optimised Warship
Hv Plasma Cannon (As many you could equip)
Battle Pods, Battle scanner, Archilles Targeting Unit, Struktual Analyser, Rangemaster Unit, High Enegy Focus, Hyper-X, Timewarp Faciliator
at least perhaps the cybertronic Computer.
Shields not needed...
Hull as big as possible (doomestar:-)

With this ship is able to top all these "i have 8 Stellarconverter on a doomstar"-Class ships.
Because, plasmacannon are enveloping annyway, these wonderfull small weapons make quad damage with every shoot.
In fact within improvement in "physiks" the plasma cannon will become so small (one heavy for 5 space points) that you could put easiely about 120 or more in one Doomstar.
With this design you get the maximum damage possible out of your ships!
How to use these ships? In fakt they are invincible in fleetcombat! In one of it's three fire phases (hyper-X & Time-warp) it could easyly take out 25 High-tech Titans!
Only small problem. This ship could not crack down planatary defence if the enemy has a barrier Shild installed...
And perhaps, it could not win against one of these legandary "Star-Trek VI - cloaked firering ships" ;-))

Submitted By: Fidel-Smith@gmx.de

"Optimised Battleship"
Hv Plasma Cannon (As many as possible)
Shields not needed
Hull as large as possible (doomstar;-)
Battle pods, Battlescanner, Archilles targeting Unit, Rangemaster Unit, Strucktural analysator, Highenergy Focus, hyper-X-Capacitator, Timewarp Faciliator

With this ship is able to top all these "i have 8 Stellarconverter on a doomstar"-Class ships.
Because, plasmacannon are enveloping annyway, these wonderfull small weapons make quad damage with every shoot.
In fact within improvement in "physiks" the plasma cannon will become so small (one heavy for 5 space points) that you could put easiely about 120 or more in one Doomstar.
With this design you get the maximum damage possible out of your ships!
How to use these ships? In fakt they are invincible in fleetcombat! In one of it's three fire phases (hyper-X & Time-warp) it could easyly take out 25 High-tech Titans!
Only small problem. This ship could not crack down planatary defence if the enemy has a barrier Shild installed...

Submitted By: Fidel Smith

Easy End to Antarans
1 Gyro Destabilizer
1 Stasis Field
Stuff to make you harder to hit

Build lots of smaller ships, pack them with as much defensive armaments as possible, and put everything in stasis.
Then, gather all the remaining ships together, surround one of the antaran biggies, drop stasis for 1 turn, hit it with the destabilizers, and re-stasis it...
Repeat next turn.
You get to go as often as you like, and you don't even need the time-warp facilitator.

Submitted By: Little White Mouse

An Actuator, Phase cloak and that Anti-Warp Device ( Whats it called ? ) and of course tons of good beam weaponry

When conducting an attack with such a vessel, the strategy is to remain invisible and just clicking the "Done" button for the first turn so that the enemy makes the first move. When he has finished, attack wiht all weapons on board, press "Done" and because of the Actuator, you'll get the next turn too. Then just do nothing but clicking "Done" so that the cloak reactivates. Your opponent will be unable to attack ever because when it's his turn, he'll see only black shadows, so he is condemned to watch his fleet being slaughtered! He even can't retreat because he'll have no chance to destroy the ship preventing him from escaping.
This strategy works perfect against any AI Player and for wiping out Antares, because none of these ever fit their ships with actuators, which would offer them another second turn after our first.

Submitted By: Tek

Indestructible Battlecruiser
The weapons load may very, quite honestly, depending on your needs, but for this particular setup I normally throw in a mix of Mauler Devices, Disruptors, and Plasma Cannons, with all the trimmings added of course (such as heavy cannon, autofire, continuous)
What's real important are the settings for the special add-ons. For this, you need Battle Pods, Auto Repair(just in case, or for example if your ship gets caught in the wake of an explosion) Phasing Cloak, Time Warp Facilitator, and if you choose to use the Damper field, you will need Security Stations.

Ok, the most effective use of these ships is really dependant on what version of MOOII you have (original or patched) I uninstall and reinstall it so much that I usually end up playing the unpatched version. On the original version, just uncloak, fire your weapons, then when the ship gets another chance to move, alter your ship's course if you wish, but DO NOT use any weapon systems, simply click 'Done'. Your ship will recloack and cannot be targeted by enemy cannons, torpedoes, or missiles. They can however use their transporters to board your ship, so that is the one point to be wary of. This ship is great for fighting a battle of overwhelming odds against a foe that has nearly equal tech to yours. Obviously to make use of your ship your tech level must be nearly maxed out, and the higher the better.

Submitted By: cor2879@earthlink.net

high energy focus, hyper-x capacitators, Rangemaster Unit, Hard Shields and the Rest is full of heavy mount Plasma Cannons

This ship has massive devastating firepower and can eliminate even all enemy doom-stars in range in only one turn. Go and annihilate some fleets :))

Submitted By: Ugork@web.de

An invincible late-game ship (as long as no one else has the same ship design)
Whichever hull you want (by this time, doomstar would be best, of course), Phasing Cloak, Achilles Targeting Unit, Battle Pods, Hyper-X Capacitors, High Energy Focus, Time Warp Facilitator, Structural Analyzer, Rangemaster Unit (If you're using non-Mauler Device weapons) OR some other useful component, Whatever else you have for armor/shields etc... and finally, as many Mauler Devices OR Plasma Cannons as you can fit

With this ship, you can rip through oponents and not have to worry at all about it being destroyed. All you have to do, is MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT ATTACK on the attack you get before the enemy gets theirs. Because you have a time warp facilitator, and hyper-x capacitors, and the phasing cloak, you can move, attack, and then on your next turn (the one that comes before theirs), just end your turn, and you'll cloak again. The capacitors just make it so that you still basically get your second turn :) This ship is designed to do extreme amounts of damage, in order to take out as many enemy ships as possible each turn. I've used it to take out entire enemy fleets comprised of doomstars, that completely filled their side of the battlefield. Enjoy your super-ship...

Submitted By: earthdragon@hotmail.com

TITAN statistics w/beams
Interphased Drive; Xentronium Armor;
Moleculotronic Computer; No Shield;
Battle Pods; Battle Scanner;
Achilles Targeting Unit; Structural Analyzer;
Damper Field; Reflection Field;

Against Doom Star w/ Damper & Reflection Fields.
At a range of ~14. Using all weapon slots.
Plasma Cannon 78/106 (74%) 1496 DESTROYED
Ion Pulse C. 98/106 (92%) 98 DESTROYED
Gauss Cannon 132 440 IMMOBILE
Disrupter 40 620
Death Ray 17 420
Mauler Device 13 300
Graviton Beam 132 234
Phasors 132 222
Particle Beam 35 170
Neutron Blaster 176 94
Mass Driver 176 70
Fusion Beam 176 50
Laser Beam 176 0

Submitted By: ELIPHASIUS

Aquatic, Subterranean, creative, large homeworld, -10 spying, -10 ground combat, Low gravity

This race has awesome planets. Because of Aquatic and subterranean their average planets population are around 15-20 max pop. I can normally win with only about 3-4 planets colonized. Also all of their disadvantages can be countered with technologies. And Creative is a huge bonus.

Submitted By: Phantom of the net

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