Master of Orion II
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+1 Industry, +20 Spying, Large HW, Repulsive, Uncreative, Telepathic, Warlord

Being Repulsive and Uncreative is usually not a route you would think to take, but neither is spying. Having +20 spying and another +10 from being telepathic gives you a +30 right out of the gate. Don't need any friends, because you would just make enemies out of them too fast. Steal everything from everyone. Don't even bother to research. This gives you just about every tech anyone researches as soon as it is researched, and with all your extra production points, you can manufacture war ships and crush all opposition in no time flat. Probably the easiest race i've ever won Impossible with.

Submitted By: leiavoia

Custom Race - The Warrior
Repulsive(-6), Feudal (-4), Telepathic (6), +2 Industry (6), Warlord (4), Rich Home World (2)

When selecting race picture, pick either Elerian (so that your're the only telepath) or pick Klackons or Meklars (to ensure you have a production advantage).The idea is simple, build ships... alot of ships. Battleships and colony ships preferable. At the first sign of the "enemy" (i.e. the first contact with another race)... Attack! You should be able to have a far larger fleet than any other opponent, so you will survive. Sure as a feudal warlord you will suffer in the tech-department, but as a telepath you can with ease capture any planet and reap the tech-benefits. Oh, if you lose a colony? Don't worry, just build some more colony ships and spread out through the universe.

Submitted By: Rincewind

Repulsive, Subterranean, Lithovore, -10 Spying, +1 Research

This is basically a combination Sakkra/Silicoid race. I've always loved the extra population the Subterranean pick gives (which results in more production/farming/research/money per planet, as well as more votes in the High Council and the extra defense against invaders), but there was always the problem of having to feed your people. So, I decided to make them Lithovores, which circumvents the biggest problem created by playing a Subterranean race. This race works really well in Prewarp games, when most races have to develop most of their population to agriculture. I research automated factory and robo-miners pretty quickly, so I can begin shipping out waves of colony ships. You'll want to research cloning center pretty quickly, too, in order to fill up your planets with your people. I have yet to lose with this race in a pre-warp game. This race will be significantly more difficult in an advanced civilization game.

Submitted By: Raiziak

Unified Psilons
Low-G Homeworld, -10 Spying, -10 Ground Combat, Unification, +2 Research, Creative

The basic idea of this race is to use the research bonus and creativity to advance past everyone else scientifically, and then use the Unification government's bonus to food and industry to build a large fleet. Research will soon offset all of the penalties (gravity generators, telepathic training and all of those other commonly ignored espionage bonuses, etc.), and assuming you have a large army of defensive spies and a decent rate of expansion, you should be fine. No real "special strategy" for this race; they play quite similarly to the Psilons, just with a large additional push.

Submitted By: Wouldn't you like to know

Unification, Subteranian, +50% Growth, Large HW. Feudal / Repulsive

You should be aiming for quick expansion (uni + Feudal for cheap Colony ships), When around 6-7 stars repeat build spies. You can trade, and Feudal harms your science...So steal it. Try to Capture planets if possible if you normally destroy em, You will probably gain tech.

Submitted By: moo3.at/CustomRaces

What's in a Name?
Weaknesses: Repulsive -20 Ship Defense -10 Ground CombatStrengths: Unified Subterranean Rich Home World (or Large) Creative

This race is "repulsive" because it chooses to be: it wants nothing to do with the other species it's encountered and considers them planetary infestations to be exterminated; they would never choose to sully themselves in close combat with those other filthy creatures. They revel in the genocide of every species but their own. They're what cross-breeding the Silicoids, Klackons, AND Sakkra might produce.Their unified culture gives them good advantage in producing ships and quickly establishing new colonies. Their subterranean nature ensures that all but the smallest worlds will be productive, though their mediocre growth rate does make it an arduous process.Their creative intuition allows them to discover and harness technologies not even imagined by most other species, even though they do so only through considerable effort and large numbers of scientists. Fortunately their extraordinary agricultural and industrial abilities and (eventual) populousness allow them to do exactly that as needed. Their naturally closed and guarded society helps them keep these discoveries away from the prying eyes of the Vermin.I usually play this race as a slow-burn type. Other immediately habitable planets in the home system quickly get colonized first to begin momentum, then quickly exploring and colonizing as many usable planets as possible. The food bonuses mean that non-terran worlds can be effectively self-sufficient early on.Technologically, an early goal must be discoveries that boost research, since their technological strengths are inventiveness and sheer numbers - which will only come slowly. Since their robust factories produce so much pollution, technologies to eliminate its drain on production are critical. Discoveries that increase revenue are also important, so that fledgling colonies can be aided and quickly matured. In essence, technology is used to amplify their production strength and erase their limitations. If I happen to achieve Evolutionary Mutation along the way, I usually choose a growth boost but sometimes also Warlord or others, depending on the specific game situation; sometimes I choose no boost at all and take it as a direct victory-points bonus of 40-50%.Militarily and politically, a quick show of strength is paramount once contact is made, to discourage forays while colonies and industry are ramping-up. I rarely tax beyond 10%, as that would throttle the natural production advantage; instead I rely on tech advances to maintain enough revenue.Once critical mass is achieved, this race should be among the first to produce large - and more advanced - warships. I use them to exterminate enemies' key planets and re-colonize them (so as to get the population bonus). An assault on Orion then assures a clear ship-technologies edge. After a refit with the Orion spoils, I'm ready to systematically decimate the other races and colonize the "cleansed" planets. Once populations are booming and doomstar-class ships are built, a confident assault is made on the Antarans.I've used this race to achieve VPs in excess of 9000.

Submitted By: macraig

Borg wanna-bee's
+1 Production, Large HW, Cybernetic, Repulsive, Uncreative, Telepathic, Unification

I wanted to make a race as close to the Borg as I could. The Repulsive, Unification, Uncreative, and Cybernetic picks should be obvious. I threw in +1 Production to offset the Production drain caused by being cybernetic, Telepathic so you can have Instant Assimilation, and the extra pick went to large homeworld. If MOO2 would allow more than 10 negative picks, I would throw in a minus to research, minus to spying, etc..........

This race is NOT easy to win with (especially on impossible). The best strategy I found (on an average game) is to build a cruiser ASAP and tons of colony ships. Expand out Early, and find an opponent. Assimilate their worlds (and hopefully tech) before they can build defenses for their colonies. This race is a challenge to play.

Submitted By: Raiziak

The best of the best... or was it the beast of the beasts?
Creative (6p), Subterreanan (6p), Telepathic (6p), Rich HW (2p), Low Gravity (-5p), -10 Ground Combat (-2p), -10 Espionage (-3)

This race has got all of the three top-"skills" (i.e. Creative, Telepathic and Subterreanan). Because it lacks a good advantage in the first stages of the game, you should be very diplomatic and not get upset when other races steal your technology. That is the reason why this race is not a repulsive one.

The main strategy is to expand as peacefully as possible... then when you are the dominating race of them all, then it is time to declare war. Be nice about it... attack the weakest race first.

This race is quite fun to play, because you'll most likely end up beeing a true politician. You fawn for the rich and powerfull, while at the same time being cruel and ruthless against the weak.

Submitted By: Rincewind

-0.5 Gold, Fuedal, -10 Ground Combat, Aquatic, Subterranean, Large Home World, Creative

The name of this game is babies. To win with this race you need to focus with iron determination on colonizing as many planets as possible early and then abusing their gargantuan populations to belt out industry and research. The first goal is to research the research lab. After it follow construction until you get automated factories and then Biology until you can get terraforming. Colonize every non-toxic planet you find and terraform it like crazy... Every decent sized planet should fit 20 at least when terran. Use this huge population to compensate for it's research penalties and then overwhelm your opponents with both industry and tech. Reserve money to buy planetary defenses when a planet is in danger of invasion, since they will instantly convert to the enemies side when captured.

Submitted By: Diskotec

Hard Humans
Disadvantages: -50% pop. growth, Low G
Advantages: +50% ship attack, democracy, warlord, large world, artifacts

This race of flighty Humans, combining the dual eccentricities of democracy and warmongering, uses its skills best in a war and a tech race at the same time.

Warlord offers the chance of a large navy, while artifacts and democracy ensure class III shielded ships with autofire mass drivers by the time someone else gets aggressive.

This race is not good at ground combat, however, and needs a healthy corps of spies, and probably an assassin as well.

Submitted By: Looger

The Technomancer
Democracy (7), Artifacts (3), +2 Research (6), Charismatic (3), -0.5 population (-4), Low Gravity (-5)

The idea is very simple... research, only research. You should be able to take the lead in this field. Your charismatic behaviour should also ensure that you can reap som tech-benefits from administrators and pilots. Yes, it is true that you will suffer some because this race is not creative, but it is now skill come into play. This is all about picking the right research topics. For defence you only need Ground Batteries packed with plasma cannons protected by a radioactive shield. For production you need auto-factories, anti-grav and the deep core waste eliminator. For research pick it all. This is your objective. For espionage... well skip it. Try som diplomacy and see if it works. For ground combat, try superior numbers instead. For ship attack, go for the plasma cannon and the auto repair unit. Use diplomacy to avoid conflicts, while you at the same time try to kill every monster and conquer other Artifacts worlds.

Submitted By: Rincewind

The Slow-Punchers
-10 Spying, Creative, Subterrainean, Unification, Low Grav. . .

Basically, this is *the* easiest race I've ever found to win at the Impossible level or against human players. NOTE: I *always* play with Large or Huge Galaxies- I hate rush-games, as it kind of defeats the game's design.STRATEGY:Build your Empire very rapidly during the first 50 turns or so. Make sure to build orbital defenses for all planets that can afford to do so, and pour as much money into tech research as you can! Before you make first contact, make sure that your best assets are all covered and that you're ahead in the key weapons/defense techs.If your defense can be kept stiff enough to brush off all but the most determined attackers, you continually try to muddy the diplomatic waters by avoiding Alliances and keeping your enemies exhausting each other in war by providing them with new weapons(not your best of course lol) but no techs to help improve their economies. . . well, until they reach the high end of the tech scale, your Battlestations will be able to handle their small probe fleets, your Empire will be too small to really notice(unless you're playing humans) and you're NOT SPYING at all, so you're pretty neutral diplomatically.Once you're at medium-level tech- 3 items down each tree, typically. . . you'll want to get Core Waste Dumps and Deep Core Mining ASAP, to remove pollution(which is a huge drag on your economy) and then build enough of a fleet to actively defend yourself. . . or take remaining worlds. Against human opponants, it is far more difficult to make this race work. Essentially, as long as it's a LAN game on Impossible, your main goal is to NOT LET HUMANS KNOW YOU TOO ARE HUMAN. If they can't pick you out by something obvious. . . then they might just ignore you for the 50 turns it takes you to build up a substantial economic *and* technological advantage. Your greatest enemies will be pure rush-and-crush players- if you can keep them engaged with the AI(whose mad cheating gives them the resources to fight fire with fire). . . then you'll suddenly emerge with the tech, gold, and deep economy that will give you victory every game. Perhaps the best thing about this design is that since you're tech-heavy *and* economically heavy, and you stink at active spying, you can max out defensive spies very early, and then never worry about offensive missions again ;-)

Submitted By: xenoargh@hotmail.com

(The) Affront
Population Growth +50%
Espionage -10%

I was reading Iain M. Banks Excession, and I wanted to create a race modeled on the Affront. So I tinkered, and created this race, which worked devastatingly against the other races. The key to this race is expansion. You can build colony ships moderately fast, many, and cheaply, so expand outward. The Feudal pick will drag down your science, but without the need for food and all the colonies you will build it won't matter too much. You do have to keep your diplomacy good with other races for a little while though. The Feudal and Warlord picks should let you create an absurdly large amount of ships and with that, you can destroy most other races. Espionage is -10% because playing the Affront, you don't really need spies. Try it! It should work well.

Submitted By: uplift17@yahoo.com

Perfect World Democrats
Low G-World(-5),
+2 Research(6),
-50% Population Growth(-4)

The RESEARCHERS we are. Left alone for a while, a bold new empire shall we create. No expanding much is nessesery, tiny or little planets colonization is unwize for us.
We are jewels: rare, precious big bold scattered planets spread over the galaxy, with evergreen gardens and not much industry in them at all. Most improvements on these are made by immigrant workers: hard payment was done for it.
We are the universe elite. Brilliant discoverers our scientists are. And sharing are we with our neighbours too, exchanging for some other.
Brave discoverers our scout pilots are. Our military space fleet is like our worlds: defending, single, stand-alone, outnumbered and winning. Top-tech is on our worlds, do not expect to see waste or pollution anywhere.
Same is in the sky.
Walking on a street you'll never know a employee of our spy network. Hidden, unknown they are, unfamous but valued. Outnumbered. Defending. Tech-backed. And winning. They keep the pace. No barbarians will gain top-weapon tech from us, no matter how much spies they have.

Our greatest enemies Antareans are called. Ancient our races are and enemies as well. The repulsive ones are doomed by their fate. We're going soon in their dimension with their own weapons. They manage to swap some of their evil in our galaxy, most often these head to our worlds. Capturing an Antarean ship is no surprise for us and disassembling it gain us new info for the enemy's possessions. We hate them truly. We are comming soon for justice.

Strategy: This is race that cannot fight a long war. That's why no alliance is done forever. If attacked, equip defended bombers and *erase* their homeworld if reachable. Else level their outposts to you, cutting their spies and contact from you as well.
Have spies. Value them. Check regularly for spies send against you. And react, if any.
Declaring war on someone means you or them. At war with more than two races means victory for them, no matter else.
Science: first go for auto-factories, before else. Then innovate. Biospheres, Cloning center, Gravity generator, better government are needed. Not nessesery in this order.
No food. No any single freighter needed for it. Have some for transportation but none otherwise.
Taxing is unknown word for these. No industry - no taxes. Fluent economy, can't gain quick money even when badly needed. Scraping is an option, although unwanted and uneffective.
Hunt for technologies not requiering building: Nano-tech, world expansions. Avoid military facilities and buildings. Never build armour barracks or space pilot training facilities. They eat money. Value money.
More population - more taxes. Remember that. If you have manufacturing tech, build (buy) that first, prior everything.
Buy when 2 money goes for 1 hammer, exception for manufacturing (Auto-fact., Robo-miners) buildings.
Do not disturb. Be passive. Watch silently. Be neutral or friendly, never else. No friends and no foes. Impossible? Kill their homeworld, capture if worth the race. Be aware you can't kill them once captured (it's democracy after all).
No need for tech steal. But others will want yours. If you can't compete fighting with spies, talk with the offender. Do not mention the problem but *trade* some of your techs (no top-techs or *any* spy tech). They will more likely leave you alone then. For a while.
Expect. Prepare for events. Be aware what can happen: info for the others is the key. What fleet, how many, what worlds, how big. Play turns slow, read what other races are up to. Play fights the same way. Analyze. Errors and wrong desisions are often paid with defeat.

The real good feeling when win is not the score but how exactly you win. You can write a novel from every game. And that's what is worth here.

Submitted By: Gaming_@hotmail.com

*Requires coorion:
The idea was to pick all the negative picks, and then pick all the positive ones that are left over
[Cyber instead of Lithovore, and Poor HW/Rich HW/ Lucky are left off to achieve a net total of 10 picks]
-50% pop. growth: -1/2 food; -1 prod: -1 research; -0.5 BC; -20 ship Att: -20 ship def.: -10 Ground: -10 spy
Feudal: Repulsive: Uncreative: Low G
Subterranean: Aquatic: Tolerant: Cybernetic: Telepathic: Transdimensional; Stealthy ships: Warlord; Fant. Trader.
Omniscient: Large HW: Artifact HW

I can only win on Hard with this race.
Over all their stats are balanced Telepathy counteracts -Spy; Warlord counteracts -Ship
However, their Ground Combat stinks (but Telepathy helps in that regard)
and per population unit, their productivity stinks. however, they can get a Very high max population on most worlds.

The key is to use Omniscience to find some rich/URich colonies to start with, and also to check the tech tree to see which directions to go in
Production boosters are key early game, but a reliable wepons system (either beams+a good computer, or some type of torpedo)
is required to make it through the mid game.

Stealing other races population is good, and then just top them off with your own
Early conquest is often a good idea if another races HW is close, extended Fuel tanks and Trans dimensional can allow a Telepath Cruiser
to cut of another races early colonies until you have the missile cruisers for hitting them.

Finally, in some cases the Tech tree just wont let you win.

Submitted By: KrikkitOne

+2 Science Research, Creative, Low G world, -10 ground combat, -10 spying, rich home world, large home world, artifacts home world

ground combat and spying don't matter. Besides,with this race you zip ahaead of everyone technologically, and that'll make up for the penalty. Be psilon so no one is equal to you. If you zoom ahead of everyone before they have a chance you'll crush them. And don't make extra military ships until you have really good technology. Just use starbases etc. to defend your planets.

Submitted By: danman0522@aol.com

"I want it all!
(using most recent patch, v1.31)
+1 food,Creative, Subterranean, Large home world, Dictatorship
all the combat, and spying negatives

Creative means that you get all the ground combat and spying tech, so those minuse dont matter much. Earyl in the game, missiles are great, so you dont care about the Ship Attack minus. The food bonus helps you with early expansion, you have all the technology you need, and subterranean give you massive population (more research, more money, more production). To my mind, it the most devastating race around.

Submitted By: sensoukami

Aquatic, Subterranean, creative, and large home world. The minuses are -10 spying and ground

Well this race is for the patched version. I have never actually beaten impossible with it but I have never beaten impossible. But this race is good for later in the game when your huge tundra's have 30 citizens that you can pour into research/industry. At the end of the game you only need a couple of farmers. The subterranean bonus can get you up to 47 max pop I think. And you can make up the minuses with research. Just research as much and as fast as you can.

Submitted By:

low G -10 spy -10 ground combat lithavore creative rich home world

This race is good for early stirkes agianst people i normaly play on hard . sometimes i can get graviton beam, class III sheilds, positronic computer, and ion drive before they have fusion beams. the lithavore means you can guickly advance in research and build up your fleet quickly. the creative helps you get all the tech you need for your ships. the worst thing is the spying minus means you might end up with some tech being stoleing (normaly i use darlok for what my race looks like so i don't have to fight um cuz they take al my tech) the ground combat minus doesn't hurt cuz you can colonize fast enough that you don't need there planets just blow them all away!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think this is the most powerful race out there its good for small meduim and Somtimes large galaxys not huge. i beat the game on impossible with it. and can almost always win on hard.

Submitted By: InsanO

Repulsive, Large, Rich Homeworld, Cybernetic, Telepathic, Unification, Espionage -10%

I saw that someone already submitted a race he called the "borg-wannabees". Well, I started the same way trying to du a race as close as possible to the borg. The race was, as mentioned, very hard to play, especialy the "uncreative" was giving me lots of trouble.
After a few modifications, the new "Borg"s are an almost perfect Race, balancing out every negative aspects of the stats (such as: repulsiv but telepathic --> good interation of conquerd units) Since then, I never lost a game again, playing the BORG, even playing in the hardest level (well, just make sure to assimilate the Sakkra or the Klackons as quickly as possible)
Strategy: First, full science, build a single colony ship, then go to build a battleship an equip it with following tech: Shield Type 3, mass catapulte (armor breaking), Tritium Armor, Battle Scanner, Extra Space, mass catapulte (defensive), and go for full attack abilities. If you have your first battleship done, go for assimilating the galaxy as fast as possible. At this time, build colony ships as well, but focus your production on the battleships.
By the time you engage the other races, they will not be able to offer resistance. :-) Just make sure you never loose your mommentum, means that never engage in a single, destructive war. Don't be affraid of attacking apparently superior races, the Borg will not disappoint you. Do not "save" some of the races because you think they are to strong to attack them for the moment. The whole game is a single struggle but after that, no one will be stronger than you. Then choose to be elected, crush anyone or destroy antares.
Good luck!

Submitted By: majorsj

It's all about the power :)
Lithovore, Creative, Low Gravity, -50% Growth, +1 Industry or science (what ever suits you best)

Ok this is mostly an power race and I only play impossible as all the others choices are too easy I think. K sure I lose once in a while but this race rules. I don't really care what picture you chose (I usually hose Trilarian and white coolest ships). And now for the best part of this littl trick. When you get the oppotunity to get Food replicator DO IT! (Note you cannot research it your self so you have to steal or trade for it hence you are creative so you have tech to trade) this research evolutionary mutation, choose Cybernetic and vulaa you get 10 extra points to enhance your race with :) It is a very good start not needing food and when food is longer an issue take advantage :)


Submitted By: Rulefreak@hotmail.com

kind of sakkra
+50% grow, -0.5 food, +1 research, -10 spy, -10 ground combat, -20 ship attack, subterran, aquatic, rich and large HW.

This racepicture is a typical multiplayer decision.

A fast growing population is important in multiplayergames (aquatic also gives a bonus on that), also a high maxpopulation. Itīs a big different if you can get 6 on a huge radiated ultrarich planet, or 16. (esp. in the beginning). There are also always a lot of tundra planets in the beginning, itīs good if you are aquatic then.
To start with only 2 food per farmer is to expensive, this way you start with 2.5, doesnīt sound much, but in the beginning it counts. +1 research counts a lot also. Ground combat and spying you can compensate by masses and technology, you wont need that that early. minus at ship attack is better than at defence.
With a rich and large hw you can allow to build outpost first (if you get a bad start), can easily build conolybases (right after you researched automated fabricators), for a long time you can build the ships you will need in the beginning and you can feed up to 90 people with this hw (with holosimulator, without soil enrichment) if you need some time to find another terran or aquatic planet.

Submitted By: Aisis

-food (-3)
-groundcombat (-2)
-low G (-5)
-Money +0,5 (5)
-Unification (6)
-Large,Rich HW (3)
-Production +2 (6)

I played this race because it was getting boring to win all the games with no need of food...
the strategy is similar...
production bonus means building a big fleet in short time...
the money-bonus is good to buy colonyships at beginning to get planets in the close area of an enemy,also you can buy defending ships or starbases on an new planet under attack...
-food is not bad because unification...later youīll get foodreplicators...
unification is good against spies...with productionbonus you build spies too in short time...
at the beginning i get research lab...so i can produce while research is automatically...
it was the race i had the most fun with,i loved to win the game with having all planets in the galaxy...

Submitted By: ElBasto1980@gmx.de

-10 Spying
-10 Ground Combat
(Yes, you will have 2 surplus points, but they are used with the race mutation later, to gain telepathic abilities)

To effectively use, simply do what this race does best, colonize & research.

You are able to get bonuses from buildings quite quickly, and democracy ensures that your economy stays stable.

Biggest problem with them is that you sometimes forget to build ships, and got superior technology, but opponents have you outnumbered :P

Often, you are quite lucky, and get some very nice leaders in the start (bonus to research, production etc)

Later in the game, you can select the Telepathic abilities and start to either take the galaxy over by demanding planets, or by mindcontrolling.

Be sure to build a lot of spies, you'll be targetted all the time because of your superior technology.

All negative effects are nullified...
Low-G is nullified by Gravity Generator & Plasma Rifle
-10 Combat is nullified by like a lot of stuff .
-10 Spying is also nullified by research.

The luckiest thing that can happen, is that you very fast acquire the revolutionary leader, and gain the advanced democracy (The game is too easy then :P)

Submitted By: tnse@online.no

Uncreative (-4), +2 Research (+6), +20 Ground Combat (+4), +50 Ship Attack (+4), Dictatorship

This race isn't actually that great. It's simply my model of Niven's Known Space "Pak" race. I personally find Telepathy (The Power) to be a cheesy pick, so I have no problem with high Ground Combat boni. It can be a great race, but Uncreative forces so much relies on luck... The one high point is that it is a normal-G race with the research boni of Psilons, so you really have no use for them as conquered citizens. To top off your research planets, though, import some Sakkra, Trilarians, and/or Silicoids with Alien Control Center. With one transport and Fusion Rifle and/or Tritanium Armor, you can successfully invade any planet except Bulrathi planets in the early game. Also, take advantage of your power to board ships. Even if the technology is inferior to yours, seized enemy battleships and cruisers make great placeholders to drive off prospective invaders.

A brief biography of the Pak:

The Pak originate from one of the stars in the core of the galaxy, known to them simply as "Pak". Their planet is called "Pakhome", with a gravity of about .9 G's. They have been in existence for millions of years, but their technology is, at its peak, up to elementary gravity control for reasons I will soon explain. Oh, and we actually know about the Pak now. We just call them "Homo habilis".
The Pak have three stages: Infant (duh), Breeder (a subsentient biped, the adult "Homo habilis"), and Protector. Protector is the important stage. It comes about when a breeder at around 44 earth-years of age eats a certain kind of root, plentiful on their planet. Up to that point, the root smells terrible to them, but certain horomones kick in, and the smell becomes irresistible. This does many things: their joints swell, to provide more leverage for their incredibly strong limbs. Their eyes grow larger, for improved sight. Their sense of smell improves, as do their reflexes. Their skull softens, allowing their brain to grow larger for vastly increased intelligence, then hardens again. Their skin grows tough and thick, strong enough to turn a copper knife. A simple second heart grows where the arteries from their legs meet. Their lifespan is enormous- tens of thousands of years. And they have only two motives- to protect themselves, and more importantly, to protect their bloodline. As a result, they are constantly destroying themselves in nuclear wars. So really, the most accurate way to put it would be to make them Feudal. But I don't like that idea, because that basically makes worthless the +2 research. They really should have +50 Defense as well, but that's too expensive.

Submitted By: flakpanther@red_panther.zzn.com

Creative, Telepathic, Unification
Replusive, -50% Growth

e pluribus enum: One Out of Many
Works best with Advanced Civilization. Use Elarian template so there won't be other Telepaths.

First thing is to develop your own star systems. Research Computer first for supercomputer, then Forcefields, the Biology until Terraforming. Redesign your ships for lv3 shields then attack a weaker neighbor.

Use telepathy to instantly take over a planet. Then buy up their defences (missle base and radiation shield are good enough at the start) before moving your fleet to the next system.

Since this race has no stat enhancers, don't be afraid to do the colonist shuffle to have planets made up of a conquered race. Their strengths become your strengths.

There will be "breaks" in your empire building with certain technologies (Terraforming, Artifical Planet, Advanced City Planning, Gaia Transformation) when you can further develop your existing worlds. Take advantage of it to reorganize and rebuild your fleets.

Kick the Psilon's down ASAP, they were my biggest headache in almost every game.

Submitted By: jason@youngberg.com

Space Invaders!
telepathic,unified,large artifact homeworld

Play only on IMPOSSIBLE level.
Large artifact homeworld is to give an headstart in research - many good researchers - remember you are unified, so you need less people farming and producing. Go straight for research lab and automated factories. At the same time expand, but not awfully fast. Just get around 10 planets.
By the same time you should have a relatively decent tech, and have met two or three other races.
Now build spies almost everywhere, except your two best production planets where you start build battleships. Spy, spy, spy:get all the tech they have (in IMPOSSIBLE level they run decently, so they should have plenty of techs to grab. Being telepathic and omniscent, nobody, not even the Darlok, can outspy you).
You are getting nice warship tech and cooking up two battleship (change the design as soon as you get better tech, so that your first produced battleship is the tech best). Just close to the production of the 2 battleships stop producing spies and start producing freighters, you will need them.
Now you have the battleships: go and get the other planets, preferably the Sakkra, and start moving their population in all your planets - they will make new space!
USE every talent of the other races you mind control: send the silicoids to the toxic, make the clackons farm and produce, etc.
Being a telepatic unified you mind control your opponent planets and IMMEDIATELY get hordes of population ready to be eventually moved and by the way producing and farming as madmans...
Now the game is cheesy.

Submitted By: M

+20 Ground Combat, High G Homeworld, Warlord, Transdimensional, Large Homeworld, Feudal, Repulsive.

This race is amazingly good at capturing ships and reasonable in space combat from the warlord and increased defense from transdimensional. It is really bad at everything else. Still, I win about 80% of the time on Impossible with this race. You really need to rush your nearest enemy, and fairly fast as well. Since your research is so poor, your ship designs will probably be the following: empty frigates (4 or 5 can capture a low level Starbase, and they can self-destruct to destroy enemy ships, fighters, and missles) and missle destroyers (to take care of enemy ships and missle bases.), with possibly a missle cruiser as a flagship. If playing in a huge galaxy, you'll likely also need to make good use of outposts to extend the range of your fighting force. I usually make some odd tech choices with this race, taking powered armor over robo-miners and assault shuttles over advanced damage control. Basically, take every ground combat tech. The really cool thing is that your assualt shuttles can capture antaran frigates and destroyers pretty easily, and once you scrap a few and get xenotrium and damper (or take orion), a good sized fleet of assault shuttle titans can defeat antares. The important thing early is to colonize by conquest. Note: there are an awful lot of more powerful races, this one is just a personal favorite.

Submitted By: JustinSane4

The Exhaulted Elders of Moo
-50 population
-10 Ground Combat
+20 Ship Combat
Warlord (After Mutation)

This race is for a player who doesn't mind sitting back and letting others fight it out. You effectively broker power among the other races by giving breakthroughs to your partners. Form as many trade, research, and non-aggression treaties as possible...

DO NOT accept aliances. Also you should choose either Psilon, or Darlok as your racial portrait to eliminate the advantages those two races have.

Since you do not have to go through the hassle of conquering and integrating captured colonies, you can spend most of your resources creating enought colony ships to quickly fill the gaps made by the other races' warring.

On hard or impossible settings, you should aggressively go after Silicoids, Sakkra, or Klackon ASAP due to their tendancy to spread quickly and overwhelm you with sheer numbers.

Submitted By: Hey Mister

Subteranian, +1 Industry, +1 Food, Unification, Large Homeworld. Repulsive, -0.5 BC

Basically you colonise everything in sight and get really big really fast. Make lots of freighters
to ship people to new colonies to get them going fast. Their production is good enough to get lots
of spys out, and with unification you don't need all that many on defense. You can out produce almost everyone
so make tons of ships and swarm everyone.

Submitted By: kage008@aol.com

The [+] : Subterrean[6p] ,Creativity[6p] ,democracy[7p] and large Homeworld[1p](not necescery)
the [-] : Money -0.5[-4p] ,Ground combat -10[-2p] ,Ship attack & defense -25 [both -2] or Money -0.5[-4p] ,Spying -10[-3p] ,Industry -1[-3p] / Farming -1/2[-3p]

Actually this isnīt perhaps a good race because itīs a peacefull and scientific race which has no bonuses on industry or warfare.
Perhaps a difficult race to play ,but i like it.
Too bad that itīs quite difficult to win the game by peacefull actions.

Submitted By: plate3@hotmail.com

-20 ship defense
-20 ship attack
-10 land combat
-10 spying
+1 production
+2 research
Telepathic (acquired via Evolutive Mutation)

The road to victory is through research. If you can survive the first turns you'll be able to outsmart even the psilons. The basic thing to remember is this "I've got no time for war. I'm busy in my lab!". Until you've got HIGH tech (ultra-modified multiphase cannons with structural analyzers and predator targeting system are SHIP KILLERS) avoid war by giving technology for free and forming trading pacts.
When you've got the tech you can either wipe everyone else out or become the elected leader.

Submitted By: mic_turner@hotmail.com

Tolerant, Unification, Warlords, Repulsive, -20 Ship defense, -10 Ground Combat

The combination of Tolerant and Unification grants a huge production boost. Use that boost to spread over all planets in range asap. Research production-enhancing techs to crank out colony ships even faster. Try to equip all your colonies with research labs and other facilities which grant research points by themselves so you can assign more colonists to production. Poor and ultra-poor planets can be turned into research colonies that produce freighters and spies.
When facing opposition, spy on them to get techs while you build up a decent fleet (that should not take very long). The warlord ability allows you to keep a huge force in the field.
Crush all opposition.
Weak spot: Tech. On Impossible it is quite easy to fall behind. Try to steal techs, or even better, board Antaran vessels. Defeating the Guardian is probably the best way. 35-40 Gyro destabilisators will do the job.

Submitted By: Slug

Laren (Psilons, Mark II)
creative, subterranian, +2 research
-10 espionage, -50% growth, -20 ship defensive, poor homeworld

I choosed creative because of the vast possibilities (best pick).
subterranian, because more people do more research, +2 points helped, too.
allways remember: this game is about conquest, and the most cunning and brutal leader will perish
when your swords are made of wood... so I decided to get a few colonies, get along with my neighbours
(accepted all trade/research-treaties to get some money and make them feel comfort), waited some 25 years
untill I built some titans fitted with masses of gauss-cannons and went out for hunt. allways beat the weakest...
ten years later the game was over, mostly won on impossible with 3500 points.
the negative picks are slower growth, because I invented clone-tanks early and couldnīt terraform that fast,
so my colonies were overcrowded anyway. -20 % ship defensive, because the enemy is more backward anyway.
so you can easily ignore this annoyance if you fit your ships with self-repair as I allways do.
-10 espionage, because I donīt need it actively and invent some defensive-tech as soon as possible.
I start usually with pre-stellar.
Invent two steps on science first, build a lab, then automated manufacturing, two steps of biological science,
then the stuff that allows you to build ships, and then have a look. NEVER research new fuel types unless
absolutely necessary!!! if the enemy donīt know your presence (e.g. Darloks or the greater peril:
Silicoids), youīll have the time you need to research you advanced tech... (spoken as a real Psilon...)

as stated, I usually win the game on impossible with 5 races. the only problem is that the bloody Silicoids
and sometime the Sakkra could simply outgrow you. If they are in the game, build some battleships for
the first wave, hide and pray...

Submitted By: hotrenortaak@hgmp.mrc.ac.uk

-20 ship defense, -20 ship offense, -20 ground combat, - 10 spying, creative, unification, +2 production, large home world.

it's the best race from my experience, you can outbuild any race and when you meet the second race you should have twice as many colonies and that's it. The only thing to watch out is the repulsive who can attack you early in the game (ex: if it's the first race you encounter)

Submitted By: elminah@home.ro

The Productors
Lithivore, Expert traders, +2 production, Feudal, repulsive.

Well I have never won with this race because it is so incredibly slow at getting tech but if you are used to that well then this race is for you! because of lithivore feudal and +2 production you can make ships faster than anyone else! Just colonize every planet everywhere! And build many ships. Oh yeah also Expert traders helps a lot it gives +100% trade goods so you can be way behind in command points but still be getting money.

Submitted By:

Trandcendi Psilon
+2 rescarch , omnectint, Trans Dimensonal, Creative??? maybe

I always win with this costum chartecter and u can use the omnectint to your advantage by locating enemy worlds and ORION!!! and by using your advanced tech you will have the enemy in no time

Submitted By: PsilonRuler



the way u can win is simpally expanson and large fleets the more colonies with this race the better and kill the HUMANS AND PSILONS AND KLACKONS ASAP BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS OVERPOWER MY RACE!!! ally with the sakkara (optional) because they have population and u can colonise there systems also your best bet is to also kill the weak gnlomes. also attack orion ASAP so u get the adavance tech any catch up to the psilons in the game and once you do that attack antares or kill everone or just make them all surender hahahah good luck and dont forget KILL THE PSILONS AND HUMANS AND KLACKONS A S A P!!!!k good luck!! and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted By: DarkMage3030

(+50) Ship Attack, (+50) Ship Defense, Warlord, Transdimensional, Repulsive, Feudal

If you like war, these guys are the ring champs. When you combine Warlord and Transdimensional with the attack/defense bonuses in combat, they have something like a (+75) attack and (+100) ship defense over the norm. Dumb and viscious.

They work best in a small galaxy where the players (victims) are all close togethor. That keeps the other races from TOTALLY outdating your technology by the time you attack. The first thing you need is Research Laboratory. To overcome the tech penalties of Repulsive/Feudal, building Research Labs on colonies should be top priority. After that, get some heavily modified laser theme ships. Don't be afraid to take your Destroyers right up against an enemy's Battleships.

Playing this game on Impossible makes for a tactical combat wet dream.

Submitted By: maverik5

Lithovore Low G World
Subterranean -10 Spying
Warlord -10 Ground Combat

Great power race. Expand quickly to several star systems, colonize every planet in sight, then dig-in
or conquer, depending on the situation. Try to trade for ground combat enchancing tech.
The fact that you don't need any food (=no no-win tech choices in the beginning) means you get off
to a quick start, warlord means you won't be troubled with severe contraints on the size of your fleet
near the early-mid game, and the ability to thrive on -any- planet (more so than tolerant can do, IMO
-even tiny toxic ultra poor high-g whatever planets quickly become decent planets). Near the end game
you should be able to crank out a fleet of titans every 5 turns or so. Getting cloning center and microbiotics
will ensure you can fill the planets relatively quickly.

Weaknesses: ships are vulnerable to capture, but the AI will almost never get the chance anyway; you will
need to bomb every planet pretty much back to the stone age to conquer it.

Submitted By: Shatter

The Amazing Everything
Disadvantages: Repulsive, -50% Population Growth
Advantages: Unification, Telepathic, Creative, Rich HW (unpatched PC version)

After winning the game on 8-player Impossible twice in a row (once in a Small galaxy, once in a Huge one), I decided that this was the perfect, ultimate, flawless race. It was so good that I was invading Antares before the Antarans invaded me... and I beat them! Here's how it works:

Focus on getting the Hydroponic Farm, Research Lab, and Automated Factory ASAP, never putting anyone into industry except to build these structures. Then go for space flight tech and stake out the best planets you can find. If you find a space monster guarding a good planet, don't avoid it; build a Nuclear Missile Battleship and make the planet yours ASAP. During this time, it's a good idea to have a Battleship on the back burner in between Colony Ships (hey, the Automated Factory needs something to build) so that when you first run into another race, you can assimilate them as quickly as possible. I recommend using Battle Pods, Battle Scanner, ECM Jammer, Heavy Armor, and Reinforced Hull as specials with Mass Drivers as weapons (no shields until you get Class 3). After this, you will be firmly in the power lead. Build one or two more Battleships and assimilate the stronger races: Sakkra, Silicoids, Klackons, Meklars, etc. Exterminate the Darlocks as soon as you become aware of their existence; you don't need them stealing your tech and giving it to your enemies. Once you've cleared out the real threats to your power, go after the Orion system using the Gyro Titans I posted in the Ship Design section. At this point, your victory is basically inevitable, and you can exterminate or assimilate the other races at your liesure. I usually prefer to build anti-Antaran Gyro Titans (basically anti-Guardian Gyro Titans but with Heavy Armor, Augmented Engines, Antimatter Drive, and either Xentronium Armor or Damper Fields, courtesy of Loknar) and go after the Antarans, because it's a big points bonus and a more impressive victory, and some mercenary nearly always reveals Dimensional Portal to a race that I conquered...

If you're using a Mac or the patch for PC, where the price of Creativity is 8 instead of 6, you can either drop the Rich HW, or replace Creative with Subterranean and replace Repulsive with something else (to trade for tech you need).

Submitted By: Cyberbug

The CyberBugs
Unification and Cybernetic are mandatory; I strongly recommend Repulsive/Creative as well.

Umm... basically the same as my Creative/Unification/Telepathic race, except that you'll have to build Troop Transports.

Submitted By: CyberBug

lithovore +10 Subteranean +6 Large homeworld +1 Research+1 +3 Repulsive -6 and -50 growth -4

If you play with this race it is best to sit back and relax behind your defences. basically if you develop a missile base quite early on your planet is virtually unstopable. so you won't have to rea;y bother about building huge fleets.(this means more spent on research to increase your economy and weapons etc)with you being a lithovore it won't matter too much if enemy races declare war on you and send ships to your systems since being blockaded doesn't effect research and you don't eat any way. repulsive just cancels out on impossible difficulty as none of the computer like you and they generally declare war on you if you don't give in to there demands.you should develop all defensive bases

Submitted By: anhaka

E=Mc1000= Ruling Psilons
+2 reseacrch feudal government Transdimesonal

Use the Psilon Portrait so noone get more tech then you. be sure to kill the elarians before you because they always can find orion before you and that isnt good!!! okay dont worry about the feudal governmet because it wont do any harm use the Transdimesonal to expand quickly make a first line of defence by making colony that are surounendded by your planet and build star bases,battlestation,starfortress ect. dont defend your home world unless it is undefended. also play in impossible mode because the other ones are too easy. play in huge galaxy with 7 to 8 players so you have a chalange!!! Also use antaran attacks to you can capture their ships and use the advance tech to snatch enemies easy. build titan ships because doom stars cost too much and battlecruisers are too weak so make lots of titans with XENOTROUNIUM ARMOR yes yes yes i know it sounds pricy but its worth it hehehehe. try not to declare war in beginning of game cause they will all turn against uyou and you are dead but i beat the game in less then 39 moves SERIOUS I DID WITH THIS RACE. if you want more info on this race then e-mail me at Psilon-orion@juno.com
WELL HAVE FUN AND REMEMBER E=Mc2 bye have fun!!!!

Submitted By: AntaranKiler

-50% growth, -1/2 food, unfication gov't cybernetic, +1 production +20 ground combat,large HW, Rich HW -I think thats all of them-

Well i think i put in all the picks(im doing it from memory without looking) but i think this suits the borg the best. They have supreme ground combat abilities if you research the combat bouns tech in its entirity. Your not repulsive cuz the borg bargin if they need to. But the primary strat is to utilize you awsome ground combat bonuses you will be unstoppable i even fielded a medium sized Antaren caputered ship fleet. You teleporters and tractor beams to max effect just charge and capture the ships instead of shooting them alot. I did have a variation that was repulsive but couldn't get very far without getting devestated by everyone attacking me at the same time.

Submitted By: Andy@grapevinenet.com

The Untouchables
Large Homeworld, Aquatic, Subterranean, Creative, + 1 Production, - 10 Spying, - 10 Ground Combat, Dictatorship, Low G Homeworld

Aquatic makes all planets in range unbelievably better, and with more population from the subterranean and aquatic, you can fill small planets up to the brim. Make peace with your neighbors, you want to let your creativity research everything you can before you make war. Research spying first, otherwise creativity is useless because you give everyone else the same technology. Expand and defend, expand and defend, expand and defend. Research great weapons/defense. Then, break one truce at a time, and defeat your neighbors one by one. An ally can be helpful, but not needed. Drawbacks to this are: you may not defeat Orion, unless you have that as a goal. This takes time, and you dont need a fleet for the most part. Works perfectly against computer but not well in multiplayer. This is a fun technique to learn all of the ins and outs of strategic battle. Not the fastest, and not the highest scoring, but basically full proof, and it puts all points of the game to use.

Submitted By: IndyIron76

OrionII original: Democracy, Subterannean, Creative, -low Gravity, -ground combat, -ship defence, (down to -10points)
OrionII update: Democracy, Creative, +1 Research, LargeHW, -es same as above.

Pure research, super-fast evolution. Cannot beat this !

Submitted By: djhydra@hotmail.com

Population Growth:+50
Ship Offense:+20
Large Home World
Rich Home World
Trans Dimensional

This race is based mainly around eXpansion. The +50 population growth attribute allows them to multiply quickly, while the Large Home World allowes them plenty of space to eXpand into at first, and because the Home World is also mineral rich, they recieve an early jump in production. Because they are Trans Dimensional, and because they have a +20 bonus to ship offense, they are quite powerful when it comes to attacking enemy ships, but not any different to most of the other races defending against them.

Because they get off to such a good start, you will find that you eXpand a LOT faster than the other races in the galaxy. For example, the first time I used this race, I had colonised seven or so systems, while the other three races in the galaxy hadn't yet left their Home Worlds (not their home systems, but their Home Worlds - yes, they hadn't even built any Colony Bases yet).

Submitted By: Dustless

Diablo Wannabee's
Repulsive +20 Combat Omnectitnt

Dont worry about the repulsive because diablo is kinda repulsive... well am I i right or what. Okay get a lot of transports and big ships. I would reccommend picking the bulrathi portrait so noone will get more combat then you. Also dont expand because you just have to depend on food and supplies and that takes time away from your concouring streak. I would also recommend to kill the Humans as fast as you can because they will get other races to turn against you! councoure one race at a time and guard your home planet with upmost priority and dont concoure every race
leave one and go kill the antarans with seven of my special design U.S.S OCTO'S (see ship arcive) and go kill them watch the movie and see your reign of terror as the lord of hatred hahahahahaha good luck

Submitted By: AntaranKiler

The Borg
Unification, Warlord, Cybernetic, Telepathic, Repulsive. Optional: Population Growth -50%, Ship Attack +25%. The first five are pretty much necessity to be the Borg. Also, use the Psilon race so that Creative is out of the game.

Unifications biggest disadvantage is the 20 turns per population assimilation rate. Telepathic's biggest advantage is the instant planetary assimilation rate which completely overides the Unification disadvantage.

Cybernetic allows ships to repair themselves in combat, telepathic allows captured ships to be used by the capturer. This is great for taking enemy star bases and using their own weapons to defeat planet based defenses. Your own weapon tech matters little if the star base can wipe out its own planet. Ships damaged to immobile can be captured, repaired and flown into battle.

Warlord allows many more of the necessary cruiser or larger ships to assimilate your enemies. Also makes your crews better.

Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

Submitted By: lungryn@hotmail.com

Telepathic, lithovore
low g, -10% spying
2 points left over for subterranian w evolutionary mutation or -10% ground combat w. warlord w. no points left over

make friends with everyone. with increased production and research due to a lack of farmers you will have a technological and fleet advantage (no need for transports due to telepathic ability). turn on your friends and consume their empires at your leisure.

Submitted By: Ssarl

Home world is enough
Patch 1.31, subterranean, creative, large home world, rich home world, artifacts, -20 ground combat, -10 spying, low gravity home world.

With this race, I managed to win impossible level, huge galaxy, 7 computer opponents, without colonizing nor capturing any planets but the home world. I destroyed other races to the point where they were no threat by blasting planets away, then killed Antarans.

Because the race has only one planet, all boosts that affect home world are a must. Without population nothing happens, so subterranean is needed. Because of a limited production ability, a spy feast is not possible. Therefore, it is better to get all technology by researching. Critical technologies are all morale boosters, achilles targeting unit, structural analyzer and all research boosters.

Low gravity nor ground combat does not bother as you are not going to colonize any other planets. Because of creative, minuses to spying are not bad.

Good luck.

Submitted By: Kharush

Idunno (Does this really matter)
Dictatorship, -10 ground combat, subterrainian and creative

This race is best suited for players who don't like to expand to rapidly and would prefer to sit back in there own little corner of the galaxy. This enables you to still be able to build up your populations to sufficient levels to stay competetive. All the while you are gaining every tech advancement along the way not having to spend as much time building colony ships and making planets more habitable and so forth.

Submitted By: Osiris

Goverment: unifiction
Combat: -10 ground combat
spying: -10
science: +2
Stats: low-G world

This race is pretty much unbeatible as long as u build alot of transports when invading a world. with this setup u will always be in front with reserch and industry. The only race that has come close to beating me on hard and impossible was the psilons becasue they reserch as fast as u. If u have a lot of bad luck with wars, it is possible to trade the reserch +2 for +1 and get Charismatic instead. The only big setback about his race is when u take over planets it's takes a long time to converge into your society and constant rebellions occur. I have done many setups but this one lets u have the best of every race and a little extra.

get galactic unification the first chance u get so then your peole produce everything x1.5 as much as they do normaly. then food replicators and as many wepon advancements as possible. I have never lost a game with this set up, even to human players.

Submitted By: kerzarlord3@netscape.net

Goverment: unifiction
Combat: -10 ground combat
spying: -10
science: +2
Stats: low-G world

This race is pretty much unbeatible as long as u build alot of transports when invading a world. with this setup u will always be in front with reserch and industry. The only race that has come close to beating me on hard and impossible was the psilons becasue they reserch as fast as u. If u have a lot of bad luck with wars, it is possible to trade the reserch +2 for +1 and get Charismatic instead. The only big setback about his race is when u take over planets it's takes a long time to converge into your society and constant rebellions occur. I have done many setups but this one lets u have the best of every race and a little extra.

get galactic unification the first chance u get so then your peole produce everything x1.5 as much as they do normaly. then food replicators and as many wepon advancements as possible. I have never lost a game with this set up, even to human players.

Submitted By: kerzarlord3@netscape.net


Intended for single player, pre warp
Use missle boats at first
Don't start a war, just finish it
Use plasm webs on guardian
Switch to death rays and phasors
Finish game

Submitted By: q2

-0.5 credits, -10 spying, -10 combat, unification, tolerant, rich planet, large planet

this is most effective in average galaxy age and huge galaxy size. It works really well if your starting solar system has more than one habitable planet...oh, I probaby shouldn`t tell you more...

Submitted By: NagaSadow

+1 food, +1 industry, Subterraean, Unification and som negative pics(usaly use spying, ground combat, ship attack and defense)

Well this is the build that win the impossible diff and ewery multiplayer game. Expand fast and go slow on tech, reserch to colonyship then go for reserche lab, after that get the automated factory. Now head for soil enrishment. After that reserche for other good building and improvements. Dont go for any weapons at all, use nukelear missils if u must fight erly in the game.
Expand alot, i have had up to 21 solar systems at 3515 but around 10 is enought. Now when u got some planets go for computer tech(well grab Highlighted Inteligens from Bio after the autolab). Now if one have around 15-20 planets one will get alot of RP from buildings((5+15+30)x20=1200RP before year 3520). This is more then anyother race has in RP, eaven pure resercher races fall behind this erly in the game. And you have massive production on alot of planets. Now head straight for Galatica Unification. I get it around 3517 and then go for mutation to beef up my prod eaven more. By now the nuklear ships starts to get to ineffektiv, eaven in masses thay are to weak, so get the plasma weapons. With the RP that one generate it will only take a few turns, and then to build sips wont take mutch longer..
Remeber to trade for the missil base tech as fast as possible, cos itīs prevents the enemies from attacking you erly on.
If one is luckey one can kill at least one enemy before 3510 and enslave there people, as thay get the unification bonus thay can be great, got silk once with +2 prod and lith(human player played them), it was massive :) also +money races are good to conqure.. I dont give mutch for tech races as i use buildings for my reserching :) but if thay have +2 thay can be worth the trubble.. :)
Between year 3520 and 3525 i will conqure the entire galaxy, and as antarans dosent show up before i have the halfe galaxy i dont care about them at all..
This race isent esp mutch fun to play as it totaly overpower eweryone in ewery aspect of the game..
Read a few guides about ewery one using creative races and build doom stars and stuff.. Seams like thay never tried this race, cos then thay would understand how silly thay are.. In what way can an invicible doom star help if you are dead hundreds of turns before it is finished! :)

Submitted By: rx.sweden@home.se

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