The Incident At Tau Ceti

By Padre8

Table of Contents

Part I
Part II

Part I

A whirring noise could be heard as a plasma bolt burned through the chest of Moomin, one of Grand Emperor Dek’tal’s Personal guards. As he collapsed to the ground, the other guards fired back at the would-be assassin, knocking his pistol out of his hand. With a primeval scream, the assailant leapt from behind the column he was hiding behind and charged at the Emperor. Dek’tal was aghast at the audacity of the deranged man, but respected his courage.

“Allow me to handle this,” he ordered, handing his robe to another guard, revealing a muscular, well-trained body.

His men parted, allowing the attacker a path to the Emperor. With a flash of purple skin and green hair, he swung at Dek’tal, aiming for his head.

Dek’tal easily avoided the attack, striking the man hard in a kidney. The assailant grunted in pain, but turned and attacked again. The Emperor caught the man’s fist, and with a quick motion, snapped it at the elbow. The attacker screamed in agony, falling to his knees. Dek’tal slammed his palm into the assailant’s face. A wet crunching sound could be heard, and the man fell to the ground. However, the Emperor could tell that he wasn’t dead yet. Excellent.

“Take this man into custody and interrogate him,” ordered the Emperor. His guards grabbed the man under the shoulders and hauled him up. “Find out who let him into the palace. Then kill them both. Slowly.” His men began to walk with the prisoner. “Oh, and dispose of that,” he said, indicating the dead guard.

Emperor Dek’tal put his robe back on, invigorated from the quick battle. It had been many cycles since he had physically defeated someone. Members of the Dek Dynasty rarely received such a chance.

But, then, none of his ancestors had dreamed of doing what he was now attempting.

He would lead his people to greatness. The other Orion Sector races had held back the Evon Empire far too long. The Empire had no need for the pathetic Senate and its meaningless laws – and the Senate had no love of the Empire. Dek’tal lead the last pure race in the sector: the only race that had not been subject to the Antaran’s genetic “experiments.” These experiments had left the other races weak, ready to exploit. But even the Empire could not stand up to the might of the New Orions, or to the combined might of the lesser races on their boarders.

The trick, knew Dek’tal, was to first sew chaos among the lesser races. Make them squabble among themselves like women, make them fight each other like dogs, and when they have picked each other apart, come in for the kill.

Even now, the first steps were being taken.

Soon, the Orion Sector would know the fury of the Evon Empire.


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