TBS Developers Alliance

The Developer's Alliance is a loose confederation of TBS game developers, open to both professional companies and fans of the genre who are building a home-grown TBS.

Membership requirements are extremely simple. You must create an RSS feed of the news you want displayed. We request that you keep it to relevant news about TBS games in development or recently released, and reserve the right to remove your feed if you become a big source of spam completely unrelated to games or game development. And we require that you link back to the Orion Sector (http://www.orionsector.com) and the Developer's Alliance News Page (http://www.orionsector.com/pages/danews.php) and prominently display both on your homepage.

Current members of the alliance are:
Wraith http://www.wraithware.net Developer of "Pax Galactica"
Leiavoia http://www.leiavoia.net Developer of "Project 3"
ekolis http://kolis.dyndns.org/cosmic Developer of "Cosmic Crises"

Concept art, screen shots, game graphics, information and other assets are provided courtesy of the games' respective developers. No company has reviewed or approved any content on this site except where noted.

The Orion Sector is graciously hosted by l3o.com.